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About US

Reno Tahoe Enchanted Events proudly serves the greater Reno Tahoe Area and will travel outside, for an additional fee. We are a family run business. On occasion my husband, Joey might make an appearance. He is the muscle behind our small business. 


At Enchanted Events our goal is to make the wedding planning process and your wedding day as stress free as possible. Getting married is a time to celebrate the start of your journey with your partner, not to worry about the little details. Leave that to us! We want to help you create the most magical and unforgettable moments of your life. Helping you through the entire wedding planning process, picking a venue, creating a theme, designing your dream day, budget consultations,

coordination, and most of all being your biggest

cheerleaders. At Enchanted Events let us bring your love story to life. We'll create your happily ever after.  

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The Small Details

Hi, my name is Amanda, and I am the owner of Enchanted Events. I have been a local of the Reno Tahoe area my whole life. I grew up South Lake Tahoe and have a love for the natural beauty of this area. Oh, and did I mention I am a huge nature lover!


I love taking elements from our surrounding area and pulling them into a wedding. Such as the dark greens of the forest, lush blues of the lake, hazy pinks and purples of the sunset, vibrant yellows, oranges, and lavenders of the wildflowers, maroons of the berries, and the grays, creams, and browns of the crisp Sierra mountains. I call our style alpine chic. It blends rustic charm with a glammed-up flare.


I have always had a passion for creating beautiful moments. When I was a little girl, I would watch Disney princess movies and dream about finding my happily ever after. Well, what happens after you find your prince? A wedding of course! I would spend hours planning dream weddings for myself and all my friends. I made sure to work out every detail.

Fast forward, and for years my friends and family has been trying to convince me to get into the event planning business. I was hesitant to pull the trigger. After going through the whole planning process for my own wedding, I knew I had to get into the business. I had all the same feels as a little girl dreaming about my big day. My wedding day ended up being the most magical day of my life, and maybe just a little over the top like me. What I noticed is even though I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, it was still hard to do the whole thing myself. Picking a venue, deciding what vendors to choose, knowing the cost of things, selecting a wedding theme, finding my style, designing décor, managing the wedding party, and the list went on and on. Some days I felt I wouldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I made a lot of mistakes along the way, and I know now a planner would have made all the difference.


As a wedding planner I take all that stress off of you and let you enjoy your special day. I love to listen to a couple's love story and find the little things that make it unique. I then bring their fairytale to life in all the small details. The fine details are what will make your day stand out from the rest. The little things really do add up. Let’s chat and see if I would be a good addition to your special day!

Get To Know Me

  • I always go above and beyond

  • Perfectionist 

  • Kindhearted 

  • Seeing live music is everything

  • I love a good spa day

  • I would eat sushi everyday if I could

  • My favorite Bachelorette was Hanna Brown  

  • Obsessed with Disney

  • House Gryffindor 

  • Dog mom of two: Oliver and Dusty

  • My husband is my rock

  • Burner 

  • Nature lover 

  • Teacher

  • Hiker

  • National park geek 

  • Van-lifer for 18 months 

  • World traveler 

  • If I am not planning a wedding, I am up in the mountains relaxing in my RV

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