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A note from the founder

When I was little, growing up in Tahoe I’d play in the trees and rehearse my wedding. The muse of my dreams were the details from Disney Princess movies and the astonishment of Lake Tahoe in our very own backyard. Not too many years later I was there getting married at one of my favorite places -- Valhalla Tahoe.


It certainly was an Enchanted Event. Every detail was perfect, it was only after I wished I had someone to help me.

Born out of the fire, my passion was ignited. I love weddings: hearing the stories that are told and being there behind the scenes. When you deeply love what you do everything comes so easily. Things are much simpler, and life is just better.


I created Enchanted Events for couples that want to truly relax. Our Tahoe wedding planners share the vision of helping you start your never-ending love story effortlessly.

Reno Tahoe wedding planner, Amanda Wurzer.

~ Amanda


Alpine Chic

     Weddings are about more than just details, but the details add your special touch. Getting married is a time to celebrate the start of your journey with your partner, not to worry about the little details. Leave that to us! We want to help you create the most magical and unforgettable moments of your life. Helping you through the entire wedding planning process, picking a venue, creating a theme, designing your dream day, budget consultations, coordination, and most of all being your biggest cheerleaders. At Enchanted Events let us bring your love story to life.

     We take elements from our surrounding area and pull the things you envision into your wedding. Such as the dark greens of the forest, lush blues of the lake, hazy pinks and purples of the sunset, vibrant yellows, oranges, and lavenders of the wildflowers, maroons of the berries, and the grays, creams, and browns of the crisp Sierra mountains. I call our style alpine chic: an emphasis on nature – combining the rustic elements of the great outdoors with hip and luxurious decor.

     I love working with couples who also love the great outdoors. They want to make it the focal point of their wedding and enhance the natural setting with an elegant twist. Dream weddings don’t just happen their planned. So, sit back, relax, and unwind while we plan a wedding you thought only possible in dreams.

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Getting To Know Me

  • House Gryffindor 

  • National park geek 

  • Van-lifer for 18 months 

  • World traveler 

  • Seeing live music is everything

  • I love a good spa day

  • I would eat sushi everyday if I could

  • My favorite Bachelorette is Hanna Brown  

  • Obsessed with Disney

  • Dog mom of two: Oliver and Dusty

  • My husband is my rock

  • Burner 

  • Nature lover 

  • Hiker

  • Weekend RV warrior 

(the important things)

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